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Digital Media Marketing Solutions

Narragansett Technologies is a world leading provider of online marketing software solutions. Our powerful and scalable technology platform enables you to improve the deliverability, relevance and responsiveness of your online communications and campaigns. We enable you to measure the effectiveness and return of your online marketing initiatives and gather real-time insights into your customers.

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"Our need was to have a solution that offered Campden Research an alternative and flexible method of recruiting and communicating with survey candidates over traditional methods". Peter Burgess, Campden Research.

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Our award winning complete email marketing solution, SpinnakerPro, enables you to deploy highly targeted and relevant email communications to your customers. Successful email marketing encourages customer dialog and facilitates the development of powerful customer relationships
SensorPro is a powerful web-based online survey tool that helps you gather real-time insights into the behaviours and preferences of the people who matter most to your business. Select one of our "Surveys To Go" for a free trial and start gathering insights right now.
Managed Services
We do all the work and you get all the results! We can manage every aspect of your company's online marketing requirements from Online Marketing Health Checks to the design and management of your online surveys. From self-service to full service options, our team provides you with individual support ranging from the simplest to the most complex service requirements.